Why I Created This

I created this website first and foremost to be the personal diary of my life’s travels.  As a way to organize my photos and travel memories.  So what I choose to show here is a pure reflection of how I want my personal diary to be.

That means no ads, no affiliate links, no pop-ups. I wouldn’t want that in my diary, would you?

Secondly, I want this website to serve as inspiration for others to travel to as many places as possible to experience all the wonderful things our world offers.

I have been fortunate enough to have built my life and work around travel.  And I want to share some of these experiences with you.  There are millions of others on the web who have wonderful, detailed information for you to learn about specific places.  This site is simply meant to inspire ideas for your next travels, from which you can do deeper research from.

My interests are travel, photography, technology/gadgets, video games, backpacks, Air Jordan’s, Wu-Tang Clan and packing light.

I was born in NYC and lived most of my last 10 years in Shanghai, Las Vegas and traveling the world.

I’m a true believer that having fewer, higher quality things leads to more enjoyment, less waste and enjoyment in using carefully thought-out, well-made things.